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Skipperi boats parked by the deck

Boat Rental Services

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The platform for finding and providing boat rides and cruises. Bout will serve you whether you are looking for a quick boat ride from one place to another or a day-long cruise in the archipelago. Over their app, you can get rides to remote islands or organize a day trip for a group of friends with no worries about a timetable.  

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Woman driving a boat in Baltic Sea
Photo: Kathrin Deter


If you are an experienced sailor or planning to stay in Finland for a longer time, you may be interested in Skipperi’s season subscription boat rental. The subscription allows you to rent Skipperi’s boats during the whole season from May to October and so head to explore Espoo´s islands and archipelago. Note: for being able to proceed with the Skipperi Fleet subscription, you need to pass the Skipperi Academy – boating training (online) and practical training for beginners. 

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Skipperi rental boats by the deck on Espoo's island
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Marinas and ports accessible by own or rented boats

Gåsgrund Island  

Haukilahti Marina

Iso Vasikkasaari Island (north and south)

Keilaranta Marina 

Nuottaniemi Marina

Otsolahti Marina

Seapoint Skata Marina 

Hero Image: Kathrin Deter