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Women capturing sunset from sailing boat

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Delicious Cruises to Espoo Waters


It is well known that good food means a good mood, and spending time in nature can boost our well-being and happiness. So why not combine these two factors and explore the beauty of dining in Espoo's waters.  

People dining next to the sailing boat
Photo: Antti Rastivo

Ulappa – Open Seawater Restaurant 

Welcome to the world of fine dining in beautiful Espoo waters. Ulappa - open seawater restaurant, serves you a 7-meal dining experience on the sailboat and surrounding Espoo’s islands. The whole experience takes about 7,5 hours and has a space for only 10 people at a time.  

Note: This experience is not available during the summer of 2024.

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Boat in the middle of seas
Photo: Antti Kangassalo

Royal Line cruises  

How would a sundeck, delicious meals, and spectacular sea views sound to you? On the board of Royal Line, you can experience all, from evening and day cruises to lovely dinners, lunches, and brunches with your friends and family. The experience takes off from the popular harbor Nokkala, right next to the famous local Café Nokkalan Majakka

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Hero Image: Antti Rastivo