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Nature view over sea

Kirkkonummi Area

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Enjoy activities on land and at sea in Kirkkonummi area! Espoo’s neighbour Kirkkonummi surprises with the diversity and beauty of its nature. The maritime Porkkala area and the gorgeous countryside landscape, dotted with manors and lakes, will make even the most seasoned traveller gasp. Kirkkonummi is also a home to beautiful golf courses and during the winter months, the area offers possibilities for cross country and downhill skiing. For architecture and design lovers, Hvitträsk is a completely unique comprehensive work of art that attracts design and architecture enthusiasts from near and abroad.  

Check below a few of our suggestions on things to do and see in Kirkkonummi and please visit for more ideas on your adventures in the area! 

Nature & Recreation

Porkkalanniemi Recreational Area – an unforgettable landscape in the end of a peninsula with rocky shores, sea and forests

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Meiko Nature Reserve  – A nature reserve area with forest scenery and a lake in the middle

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Linlo Recreational Area – An island like a gem, easily accessible via a bridge

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Nuuksio National Park – Nuuksio expands to Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti areas

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Short walking trails for children and families: Kaarniaispolku trail, Eerikinpolku trail, Wohlsin luontopolku trail.

Nature view with seaside forest, sea and people in background
Photo: Tiina Backman

Things to do and see 

Hvitträsk Museum 

Rehndahl Farm  (perfect for families with children)

Maatilapuoti Farm (perfect for families with children)

Central Library Fyyri 

Porkkala Parenthesis   

Kirkkonummi Adventure (perfect for families with children)

Peuramaa Ski

Guided tours 

Evenio Tours 

Old wooden house
Photo: Visit Kirkkonummi/ Maatilapuoti Farm
Nature view over Peurama golf with golf court and lake
Photo: Visit Kirkkonummi/Peuramaa Golf
Outside view ove Wöhls venue
Photo: Wöhls

Hero Image: Tiina Backman