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Wheelchair visitor enjoying the view from Maahisenkierros viewpoint

Barrier-free Experiences

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Enter the City of Experiences

In Espoo, we believe that traveling belongs to everyone! Let's explore local barrier-free activities from local traditions and history over exploring your senses to the beauty of Finnish nature. 

Wine in the Woods by Finland Naturally

The Wine in the Woods wine-tasting tour is accessible. The sensory trail runs on barrier-free terrain, although there are gentle hills and some manual wheelchair users may need push assistance, and the rest of the route has slightly steeper terrain. 

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Hawkhill Cottage Resort activities

A variety of programs are available for those staying at the Hawkhill villas and companies, some of which can be implemented without barriers: for example, a nature tour with a mountain wheelchair and kayaking with a special kayak. You should read more about the accessible program on the company's website.

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Espoo Waterfront Walkway

Espoo Waterfront Walkway is a unique recreation and outdoor trail that follows Espoo's seaside and its diverse environments. It varies from the stone ash-surfaced trail running along the edges of the nature reserve, to the asphalt-surfaced pedestrian and bicycle path, and to the paved promenade of a modern urban environment. The path cannot be completely barrier-free everywhere due to the height differences of the terrain. Along the 40 km long path is located also a great number of services and restaurants which may not be fully accessible. Benches have been placed along the path and in functional areas near it, such as marinas, for resting and admiring the scenery

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Espoo Waterfont Walkway Sights & Services

Wheelchair visitor exploring Laajalahti part of Espoo Waterfront Walkway
Photo: Johannes Sipponen

Nuuksion Taika – Wäinölä venue

The unique event and party space Wäinölä in the middle of the Nuuksio forest is barrier-free. The log cabin is accessed along a slope and the dry toilet is barrier-free. The signs guide you from the parking lot through a short, gentle hill (20 m), along a dirt road (35 m). There are two accessible fireplaces in the courtyard area. Low thresholds and wide doors enable barrier-free access to the space, and the coat racks in the spacious hallway are 120 cm high, so they can also be reached from a wheelchair. The annual events and Kalevala's Taikaa program are accessible, and the company also tailors other programs and activities for special groups.

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Water Sports Center Laguuni

There is barrier-free access to the restaurant Blägä located at the pier with the help of a ramp. For more information, whether there are accessible activities and sauna please contact Water Sports Center Laguuni.

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Hero Image: Sanna Kalmari