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5 saunas in Espoo for corporate groups by a lake or sea


Ah, the legendary Finnish sauna culture! It's a world of its own, where sweating is an art form, and silence is golden (unless someone accidentally sits on a hot rock!). 

Visit Espoo in collaboration with now presents some of the best saunas in Espoo suitable for corporate groups. Spend a relaxing evening after a day of meetings or conduct a meeting with a light-hearted mindset. Or perhaps you are planning a summer company celebration, a team-building day, or a long-awaited Christmas party? Fill up the bucket and enjoy the steam! 

Below is information about saunas in the Espoo area suitable for groups of different sizes. What these sauna facilities have in common is that they have separate saunas or changing rooms for men and women, as well as a location on the shore of a lake or sea. You can also bring your own food and drinks to some of the facilities. 

Solvalla National Sports Institution – Sauna in the forest 

At the Solvalla Sports Institute beach saunas, you can enjoy a sauna in the beautiful surroundings of Nuuksio National Park. Relax in the steamy sauna room, socialise in the comfortable lounge area and on the terrace, and enjoy being together in the stunning view! 

Solvalla's two beach saunas can be rented together or separately, depending on the size of the group. Together, the saunas provide facilities for relaxation, meetings or gatherings for approximately 20 people. True to its name, Solvalla Sports Institute offers opportunities for physical activity as well. Solvalla provides versatile recreational services for companies. How about a guided snowshoeing or Fatbike tour in Nuuksio? Sounds like a plan! 

Note: You can bring own snacks and beverages to Solvalla Sport Institution.

Get to know Solvalla's Beach Saunas

Punainen saunarakennus ja kolme terassipöytää pitkillä penkeillä järven edustalla.
Solvallan Sport Institution's beach terrace Photo: Solvalla.

Palsta Kirkkonummi – Experience smoke sauna, the original Finnish sauna 

At Palsta in Kirkkonummi, there's an authentic Finnish smoke sauna, a terrace with a hot tub, and a private pier by the sea. Palsta Kirkkonummi is located just over a half-hour drive from Helsinki.

Palsta offers excellent facilities for corporate events with its various buildings. The smoke sauna, in particular, is a special addition to a company's sauna evening, as it's not often that you get to experience an authentic smoke sauna! The spacious lounge area can accommodate about 20 people, and it is perfect for meetings or shared activities and socializing.

Note: You can bring own snacks and beverage to Palsta Kirkkonummi saunas.

Get to know Palsta's Saunas 

Palsta Kirkkonummen saunan oleskelutila, jossa pitkä pöytä tuoleilla, sohvaryhmä ja takka.
Photo: Palsta Kirkkonummi.

Hanaholmen’s sauna - Sit in the steam and dip in the pool 

Hanaholmen's sauna will plunge you into that 70’s feeling. However, you should never underestimate a retro-style sauna; Hanaholmen's two separate saunas, a large swimming pool, a cosy fireplace area, and stunning sea views with terraces create a unique setting for relaxation with colleagues or corporate guests.

Hanaholmen Conference Hotel offers a 231-seat auditorium, a spacious congress hall, and nine different meeting rooms, providing opportunities for hosting all kinds of events.

Additionally, you can enjoy dinner in the restaurant during your sauna visit—the perfect recipe for a refreshing day! 

Note: Services are provided by Hotel Hanaholmen.

Get to know Hanaholmen Hotel Saunas from their webpage

Hotelli Hanasaaren uima-allas, jonka päädyssä isot ikkunat ja maisema ulos merelle.
Photo: Hotel Hanaholmen.

Hawkhill – Enjoy a log cottage sauna by the side of a lake 

A cottage trip with your colleagues or staff? Head towards the Hawkhill cottages located in Nuuksio! Hawkhill's cottages with saunas offer true luxury for company events in the midst of nature. These cottages are perfect for meetings, workshops, celebrating well-deserved accomplishments, or simply unwinding with a sauna at the end of a workweek.

For example, Villa Taavetti and Villa Maria accommodate up to 12 people, while the luxurious log cottage, Villa Juhani, can accommodate up to 30 people. These fully equipped cottages feature a sauna, a private beach, a kitchen, conference facilities, and a space for relaxation and accommodation. If you're visiting during the winter, you can even go ice swimming! 

Note: You can bring your own snacks and drinks to Hawkhill.

Get to know Hawkhill Cottages at page 
Get to know Hawkhill Sauna services at page 

Jäälyhdyillä valaistu avanto Hawkhilln hirsisen mökin rannalla.
Hawkhillin kokoushuvila Villa Mariasta pääsee talvella pulahtamaan avantouinnille. Kuva: Hwakhill.

Majvik – Enjoy saunas by the sea, and in the completely renovated Spa-style hotel sauna section opening in August 2023 

Majvik Conference Hotel offers a variety of sauna services, including different beach saunas by the sea and in the hotel. By the seaside, there are two saunas for 10-14 people, as well as a separate sauna and meeting room for 15 people, equipped with its own kitchen.

What would be better than to take a dip in the sea straight from the sauna’s heat, and if you're more interested in relaxing in the water, it's worth waiting for the hotel’s brand-new spa section, which will open in August 2023! 

At this popular conference center, combining a sauna with other activities or a more formal program is easy. And at the end of the evening, there's no need to head home because the hotel has accommodation for everyone. 

Note: Services are provided by Majvik Hotel.

Get to know Majvik's Saunas 

Kaksi pyöreää terassipöytää tuoleilla. Takana puita ja meri.
Majvik's beach sauna terrace with a sea view. Photo: Majvik.

Hero Image: Hawkhill - meeting space.