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Tapiola festival with visitors and band in distance


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Visit Espoo Event Calendar showcases events in Espoo and Kirkkonummi

Companies and event organizers from Espoo and Kirkkonummi are welcome to add their events to the Visit Espoo Event Calendar by following the 4-step guide below. The Event Calendar serves domestic and international visitors, reaching hundreds of thousands of users annually. The events added to the Visit Espoo Event Calendar must be tailored for international and domestic visitors. Adding the events, platform usage, and basic visibility is free of charge for event organizers in Espoo and Kirkkonummi.

Espoo Metro Areena with huge screen and people competing in Elisa Esports tournament
Photo: Miikka Valo

Join as an Event Organizer in 4 steps!

  1. Read Visit Espoo Event Calendar Guide (download below)
  2. Create a User Profile
  3. Create a Company / Event Organizer Profile
  4. Create Event(s)

Start Creating profiles and adding events here

Read Visit Espoo Event Calendar Guide

Snowshoes in a row and campfire with sausages on snow
Photo: Natura Viva

Visit Espoo Event Calendar will not approve

• Announcements about the opening hours of restaurants or shops or other year-round basic activities that are not related to the event program
• Events targeted by associations or other organizations for their members or reference groups
• Regular hobby, camp, or course activities
• Peer support group meetings
• Marketing of registration periods and ticket sales
• Church services or other regular devotional events

Two woman enjoying Wine in the Woods - wine tasting.
Photo: Sanna Kalmari

Tags for your events

You can add Virtual, Free-of-charge, Accessible, and LGBTQ+ tags for your events.

When choosing an Accessible tag, we require you to define what accessibility means at your event venue.

Women following group in Nuuksio National Park
Photo: Antti Rastivo

Tips for Sustainable Event Organizers

Visit Espoo wants to encourage all meeting planners and organizers to make responsible choices. We put together some tips to help you organize a more environmentally friendly event in Espoo.

Explore more here

How do you benefit from adding events to the Visit Espoo Event Calendar?

  • Your events get free-of-charge visibility at and at the same time
  • Through the Event Calendar, Visit Espoo promotes events also in other communication channels such as social media, newsletters, or tourist information
  • Event organizers can also target their content to pre-existing categories within the service, which provides additional visibility in category-specific highlights
Ice curling with man in distance and game's tools on frozen lake
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Winter/Spring Categories

  • Winter Events 27.12.2023-18.3.2024
  • Lux Nuuksio (TBC)
  • Winter Holiday Events 5.2.-3.3.2024
  • Easter Events 11.3.-31.3.2024
  • Spring Events 18.3.-2.5.2024
  • May Day Events 15.4.-2.5.2024
  • Mother's Day Events 29.4.-12.5.2024
Dron view over architecture in Tapiola area and Espoo's Cultural Centre
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Summer/Autumn Categories

  • Summer Events 2.5.-15.9.2024
  • Summer Cafés & Restaurants 3.6.-1.9.2024
  • Midsummer Events 3.6.-23.6.2024
  • Espoo Day Events (TBC)
  • Autumn Events 16.9.-17.11.2024
  • Autumn Holiday Events 30.9.-20.10.2024
  • Father's Day Events 21.10.-10.11.2024
  • Christmas Feast 17.11.-26.12.2024
  • Christmas Events 17.11.2024 - 1.1.2025
Event Calendar banner with Espoo New Year 2024 poster

Banner visibility for your event

In case you are interested in having additional visibility for your event via the banner at Visit Espoo Event Calendar, contact our Event Calendar team.

Contact our Event Calendar team

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Hero image: Kathrin Deter