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Väkijoukko Tapiolan urheilupuistossa festareilla.

Top tips for Event Visitors

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Fun activities await just 15-30 minutes from Helsinki City Center

Are you on a concert trip in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and looking for more fun activities along the gigs? Visit Helsinki's neighbour city, Espoo, where there is plenty to see and do for every music and event lover!

We have put together a nice package for you in Espoo - welcome to relax, have fun, or rock even more. Now, all you need to do is choose your concert-goer type, and you will find the best places and activities to accompany your cultural holiday. Of course, you can change your type multiple times a day if you wish!

Arriving in Espoo

Moving around Espoo

Mies istuu kyykyssä pubin lattialla kaiuttimen edessä katsellen sivulle.
Photo: Bodom Bar & Sauna / Antti Rastivo

Wannabe Rock Star

Bodom Bar & Sauna - A combination of the legendary Children of Bodom band's pub, sauna, and rock museum located in Niittykumpu district. Don't forget to try their pizza, too. 

For some fresh air, head to the Oittaa Recreational Area, located by the famous Lake Bodom. You can take a dip in the lake and warm up in the sauna on a hot or cold summer day.

Stay cozy in Hotel Matts's apartments and hotel rooms, or stop by for a high-quality culinary experience in Restaurant Freja or relaxed rooftop drinks.

Espoo is a city of local breweries! Combine an exploration of local beer culture and discover interesting neighborhoods.

Surprise factor: Espoo is home to many architecturally stunning buildings from the roughly beautiful functionalist era in the districts of Tapiola and Otaniemi, designed by renowned Finnish architects such as Aalto and Pietiläs.

Nainen seisoo metsässä katse ja kädet kohti taivasta puiden lomassa sinistä taivasta kurottaen.
Photo: DSP Media

Pop music Princess

Get refreshed by the sea breeze! Espoo's Public Boats take you effortlessly to 5 lovely outdoor islands of Espoo or even just for a cruise on the sea during the summer. Visit the charming Pentala Island, pet the sheep friends, explore the Pentala Archipelago Museum, and take a dip in the island's lake or  Baltic Sea.

When you simply want to bask in the sun on the mainland - go to enjoy a meal, the sun, and good company at the brand new Skiffer Haukilahti, located right next to Haukilahti Beach. Or admire the view from the 80-meter-high rooftop terrace at Lucy in the Sky Restaurant in Keilaniemi district.

Just a stone's throw away from the Baltic Sea in the heart of the Tapiola district, you will find the Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden. Here, you can relax in Jazz music style or enjoy the surrounding nature and services. During the summer season, you can even rent a SUP board from the nearby Tapiola Central Pool.

Bonus tip: Feel like shopping? In Espoo, you can find several shopping centers, second-hand shops, and the charming downtown area of Tapiola with its shops and restaurants.

Nainen näyttää shampanja-pulloa ihmisille, joilla on shampanjalasit kädessä.
Photo: Art & Wine Staycation in Hotel Hanaholmen / Kathrin Deter

Luxury-loving Songbird

A relaxed archipelago trip with great food in one package? Absolutely possible: on the Royal Line lunch and dinner cruises, you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the most stunning parts of the Espoo archipelago.

Espoo offers a variety of exquisite exhibitions and museums! Explore the current exhibitions at WeeGee Exhibition Centre, including the EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo City Museum, Mauri Kunnas Exhibition, and Futuro House, or head to the lovely Gallen-Kallela Museum by the Laajalahti Nature Reserve.

If you're looking for a luxurious stay in the tranquility of nature without compromising on comfort, choose the Haltia Lake Lodge's Glamping tents. They are located right by Nuuksio National Park, with plenty of unique guided activities offered to both accommodation and non-accommodation guests. The must-visit Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is just a couple of steps away. 

Luxury on the plate: Food enthusiasts should head to Restaurant PLATS at Hotel Hanaholmen, located on its own island. From the terrace, you can admire the sunset over the Baltic Sea. Or stop by Villa Lilla Restaurant, situated on a hilltop in the Leppävaara district, offering delightful and refined cuisine.

Mies skeittaa rampilla sisätiloissa.
Photo: Kera Halls / Antti Rastivo

Hipster Cool

On a sunny day, head to Watersport Centre Laguuni, where you can bask in the sun and challenge yourself on a wakeboard, in a kayak, or relax in the shade in floating Restaurant Blägä. Water enthusiasts can enjoy themselves at the water park, and at Ravintola Blägä, you should try Espoo's best burger.

Nuuksio National Park is a treasure for nature lovers  - with several marked trails, everyone can find their own path. Nuuksio is celebrating its vibrant thirties this year and offers events throughout the year. For a more unique festival accommodation experience, try the Skytent Ecocamp Nuuksio, which consists of tents suspended in the trees.

During the summer, stop by the Löylykontti sauna at Matinkylä beach and take a dip in the sea from the sandy beach. From there, you can cycle with a city bike or take the metro to Restaurant G.O.A.T. in Tapiola district for a relaxed dinner.

Must-see: Kera Halls is an urban cultural hub in Espoo built in a former logistics center, which is worth exploring now before the halls are demolished. At the Kera halls, you can sample the offerings from three local Espoo microbreweries, and for those with a sporty mood, don't forget to bring a skateboard or padel racket.

Hero Image: Kathrin Deter