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Three Times Children's Birthdays in Espoo – go easy with the arrangements!


Kids' birthday parties, oh boy, they're like miniature tornadoes of chaos and joy! A room filled with sugar-fueled little humans, bouncing off the walls like rubber balls. The noise level reaches decibels that only dogs can hear, and the parents begin questioning their life choices. But despite the madness, aren’t kids' birthday parties just a magical whirlwind of laughter, happiness, and unforgettable moments that remind us all to embrace our inner child? 

Dear adult, worry no more! In collaboration with, we have put together three ready-made packages for children's birthdays in Espoo. With these packages, you can take it easy with arrangements, and the partying kids won't take over your home. Win-win! Let’s get started. 

The floating watersport center Laguuni offers plenty of fun for birthdays 

Summer-time birthdays at the outdoor water park, Laguuni, located in Keilaniemi, are guaranteed to be a hit! Just book the water park tickets, and the children will have a great time on the park's famous obstacle course throughout the entire celebration. Older children will surely be excited about activities such as wakeboarding as well. Please note that the minimum age for the water park is 6 years, and there must always be one guardian for every two children aged 6 to 12. Children over 12 years old can enter the park independently with the guardian's permission. It is also possible to reserve a party space for birthday treats. 

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Pikseli – Where the impossible becomes possible 

At Pikseli virtual experience park, located in the Iso Omena shopping center, birthday guests will enjoy unique virtual games. Kids will get to soar high in the sky, explore a wonderful fantasy world or brush up on their ninja skills! These virtual games will keep the birthday child and guests entertained, and all the party arrangements will be taken care of from start to finish. Birthday packages include game time, a party room, and snacks according to your wishes. 

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Child playing virtual game

Throw the greatest birthday party at Bowl Cirus Sello – literally!  

Get ready for a strikingly awesome birthday celebration! At BowlCircus Sello located in the Sello shopping center, throwing children’s birthday parties is totally stress-free. The kids can use their energy for throwing bowling balls and you will have nothing else to do than sit and watch them have fun. And of course, between the rolls and giggles, there's always time for delicious treats and refreshing drinks! BowlCircus Sello offers multiple different snack options for birthdays that can be enjoyed either in the lane area while bowling, or at the tables in the restaurant area after bowling. 

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Hero Image: Marjaana Tasala