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Bride in white dress holding a flower bucket

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Winter wonderland – where to organise a magical winter wedding in Espoo?


It’s often believed that weddings should be held during summer. However, other seasons are also filled with endless possibilities, especially winter with its gorgeous, snowy scenery! During the winter season, it is often easier to find a wedding venue of your liking and with a smaller price tag than during the hottest summer (wedding) season.

But where to organize a memorable winter wedding in Espoo? Party venues surrounded by nature look especially gorgeous during winter where the blanket of fresh snow has remained beautifully untouched. We at Venuu have gathered the most magical wedding venues in Espoo where winter weddings are at their best! Check them out:

Bride in white dress holding a flower bucket
Photo: Natasha Fernandez / Venuu

Koiviston Huvila

The enchanting Koiviston Huvila is located on the shore of Sahajärvi in Nuuksio! The entire villa, its yard, and saunas by the water are all restored to suit the modern day needs, but with respect to the original atmosphere and history. It is the perfect choice for a smaller wedding: the main hall, which is flooded with light from its big windows, seats 24 people around its long tables. Also, the other rooms in the villa and the two saunas outside are available for guests during the wedding. As you can see from the picture, the villa looks amazing when surrounded by a thick blanket of snow!

Capacity (sitting): 24

Own drinks / own food allowed: No / No

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Yellow building covered in snow and sun
Photo: Koiviston Huvila / Venuu

Bodom Manor

Surrounded by gorgeous lake sceneries and two golf courses, Bodom Manor offers a stunning milieu for a winter wedding! The manor isn’t used by the golfers during the winter season which makes finding the perfect date for a wedding easier. In addition to the landscape, your guests will be amazed by the beautiful, historic interior! The stylish manor is divided into several rooms which can be combined with double doors according to the needs of the celebration. The biggest room, the Ester-hall, seats 44 people.

Capacity (sitting): 120

Own drinks / own food allowed: No / No

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Yellow colored Manor during winter
Photo: Bodom Manor / Venuu

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia / Restaurant hall

What would be a more fitting place to be in the arms of nature than in Nuuksio National Park! The Finnish Nature Centre, surrounded by the spectacular Finnish forest and lake landscape, features a spacious restaurant hall that can be rented for weddings. Its massive windows, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, allow the light to flood into the venue even during the darkest times of the year while offering breathtaking views over the lake. The big restaurant venue can host even 180 people!

Capacity (sitting): 180

Own drinks / own food allowed: No / No 

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Decorated table setup during wedding in Restaurant Haltia
Photo: Restaurant Haltia / Venuu

Villa Frosterus / The Villa

The beautiful and charming Villa Frosterus in Soukanniemi Espoo is an excellent choice for winter weddings! The venue offers seaside views in multiple directions which creates an archipelago-like ambience. At most, the villa can fit even 70 guests, but for sit down events it works best for 40 people. You can also rent the villa’s sauna by the sea to use during the evening if you are planning on having a more relaxed wedding!

Capacity (sitting): 40

Own drinks / own food allowed: Yes / Yes

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Interior of Villa Frosterus
Photo: Villa Frosterus / Venuu

Restaurant Haikaranpesä

Rise above the roofs of Espoo in the iconic Restaurant Haikaranpesä! The venue, located in a former water tower, definitely offers a unique setting for weddings – the breathtaking winter sceneries are visible from the tower all the way to Tallinn during good weather. In addition to having beautiful long tables for dining, the restaurant offers space for a dance floor where the evening can continue with the first dance. The venue is priced with a sales guarantee, meaning that no additional rent for the venue is charged when the guaranteed price is fulfilled!

Capacity (sitting): 100

Own drinks / own food allowed: No / No

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Dron photo of water tower like Restaurant Haikaranpesä
Photo: Restaurant Haikaranpesä / Venuu

Espoon Kartano

Experience an astonishing mansion ambience away from the city’s hassle while still being close to everything! Espoon Kartano, which was originally built at the end 1700s, has already operated for many years as a venue for all kinds of celebrations, including weddings. The personnel of the venue manages the mansion with an experience of over 15 years, so guidance, help and tips for wedding arrangements are easily available. You can also find a smaller cabinet from downstairs which works perfectly for smaller occasions.

Capacity (sitting): 120

Own drinks / own food allowed: Yes / Yes

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Historical interior of Espoon Kartano venue
Photo: Espoon Kartanu / Venuu

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Hero Image: Pexels – Natasha Fernandez