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Tapiolan golfkenttä ilmasta katsottuna ympäristöineen.

Let's Golf Holiday

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Let's golf holiday

Planning a Golf holiday or just want to fit a few rounds of golfing into a family vacation? We got you covered! In Espoo and its neighboring areas of Kirkkonummi and Vihti, you can find at least 12 different golf courses and 2 additional training places. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced golfer, you will find your new favorite golf course.  

Tapiola golf

Tapiola Golf is a full-service golf center. You can find there an 18-hole golf course, a Restaurant Spoon -TAGi, or golf teaching lessons. Remember to check also their wonderful events and festivals!

Address: Turveradantie 17, FI 02180 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 9 4250 0750 


Tapiolan golfkenttä ilmasta katsottuna ympäristöineen.
Photo: Tapiola Golf

Master golf

Situated by the biggest out of 95 lakes in Espoo – Master Golf offers two 18-hole courses named Master Course and Forest Course. Besides that, you can enjoy restaurant Bodom Mansion services and their Finnish and international delicacies. 

Address: Bodominkuja 7, 02940 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 9 8492 300 


Master Golfin klubirakennus Bodomin kartano.
Photo: Master Golf

Espoo Golf – Espoon Golfseura EGS

Two courses, one Espoo Golf. EGS golf course is known for its long tradition on the Finnish Golf map and magnificent river valley location. The golf course was opened in 1982, and it’s the second-oldest 18-hole golf course in Finland. Besides the beautiful landscape and rich history, you are also welcome to refresh yourself there in restaurant Rosavilla.

Address: Blominmetsäntie 2, 02780 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 600 418 841 (0.68€/min + pvm)


Yleismaisemaa EGS:n golfkentältä viheriöineen.
Photo: Espoo Golf EGS

Espoo Golf – Gumböle

Two courses, one Espoo Golf. The second Espoo Golf course is located by the manor house in the Gumböle district. This is an 18-hole golf course popular among golf beginners to golf professionals. You can find there golf simulators or Restaurant Slaissi serving homemade Finnish food and welcoming visitors for coffee time on their sun deck. 

Address: Gumbölentie 20, 02770 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 600 418 841 (0.68€/min + pvm)



Gumbole Golfin klubirakennus ulkoapäin.
Photo: Espoo Golf Gumböle

Luukki Golf

Luukki Golf Course is one of two Suur-Helsingin Golf courses located in Espoo. Luukki Golf offers an 18-hole course that was built respecting the wonderful nature of the area. Golfers can find refreshments in the Luuki Club restaurant located by the course. 

Address: Klockarsintie 2, 02980 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 600 03388 (0,76 e/min+pvm) 



Ilmakuvaa metsäisemmältä väylältä Luukin golfkentällä.
Photo: Golf Luukki

Lakisto Golf

The second of the two Suur-Helsingin Golf courses in Espoo is Lakisto Golf. Lakisto Golf 18-hole course is perfectly reachable by public transport from the center of Helsinki and has the title of the most interesting field in the capital region. Golfers can enjoy refreshments from Lakisto Club Restaurant, located by the golf course.

Address: Rinnekodintie 23, 02980 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 600 03388 (0,76 e/min+pvm) 


Ilmakuvaa aurinkoisen Lakiston golfkentän väyliltä.
Photo: Golf Lakisto

Ringside Golf

Espoo Ringside Golf is located by Highway 3 (Kehä III) and is well-reachable by public transport. It is a perfect place for golfing beginners and families. You can find there an 18-hole course, a course for beginners, a clubhouse, a sauna, and Restaurant Ringside Golf.

Address: Nurmikartanontie 5, 02920 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 10 501 3100


Golfaaja työntää golfkärryjä kentällä.
Photo: Ringside Golf

Löfkulla Golf

Löfkulla Golf is a 9-hole course located in Central Espoo. Here the golf club membership is not needed as the course is open to everybody. The golf course works on pay and play-based, and it is ideal for families or anybody thinking about starting to play golf.  In the area, you can also find minigolf or the popular Café Löfkulla.

Address: Lehtimäentie 2, 02770 Espoo, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 400 774 377


Kuvaa kentältä, klubirakennuksen vierestä golfareiden kävellessä jonossa.
Photo: Golf Löfkulla

Hirsala Golf

Hirsala Golf, located in the municipality of Kirkkonummi, is a Championship level course and one of the greenest golf courses in the world. You can enjoy there an 18-hole and 9-hole course and refreshments in Hirsala Golf Restaurant.

Address: Hirsalantie 2, 02420 Jorvas, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 0100 2010 (0,98€/min+pvm)



Ilta-auringossa kylpevä Hirsalan golfkenttä.
Photo: Hirsala Golf

Sarfvik Golf

Sarfvik Golf, located in the municipality of Kirkkonummi, offers two 18-hole courses. There is no need for tee-time booking, but membership is required to enter the course. For more info, contact Sarfvik Golf directly. Besides the excellent golf courses, you will find there also delicious restaurant and a stress-free environment.

Address: Niittyrinteenaukio 2, 02390 Sarvvik, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 (09) 221 9000


Kuva Sarfvik golfista, mukana klubirakennus ja golfkenttää.
Photo: Sarfvik Golf

Kurk Golf

Kurk Golf, located in the municipality of Kirkkonummi, offers 18-hole and 9-hole courses. Besides that, you will find there Restaurant Griini and many events and competitions – so keep an eye on their event calendar.

Address: Kusperkeikantie 20, 02550 Kirkkonummi, Finland 

Contact: ; Phone: +358 0600 19784 (0,75 €/min + pvm)


Kuva Kurk Golfin viheriöltä lammelle päin.
Photo: Kurk Golf

Peuramaa Golf Hjortlandet

Peuramaa Golf, located in the municipality of Kirkkonummi and right next to the Peuramaa Ski Center, offers three different golf courses (all together 36-hole golf facilities) as well as a training area. Besides that, you can find there Café, Restaurant and Club House with Sauna. 

Address: Peuramaantie 152, 02480 Kirkkonummi, Finland

Contact: ; Phone: +358 0200 22 122 (0,78 €/min + pvm)


Yleiskuvaa Peuramaa golfin golfkentästä, näkyvillä väylää ja lampi.
Photo: Peuramaa Golf

Golf Training areas


Gogolf Range Leppävaara

Address: Säterinpuistontie 1, 02600 Espoo, Finland

Contact: ; Phone: +358 50 5525 561



Season Golf

Address: Finnoonpuisto 4, 02280 Espoo, Finland

Contact: ; Phone: +358 50 329 1320


Sustainabile and Responsible practices

Responsible practices are part of tourism companies' everyday work, including the Golf Courses. Among the world's top 100 sustainable and responsible golf courses, you can find Hirsala Golf (located in the neighborhood municipality of Kirkkonummi). At Hirsala Golf, the carbon footprint has been significantly reduced, and water consumption halved. Master Golf (located in Espoo) is a great example of considering its cultural and historical environment with its responsible measures, such as using geothermal energy, charging points for electric cars, various nature surveys, and a forest management plan. In general, the responsibility of Golf Courses is indicated, among other things, by the course's GEO certification. 

Hero Image: Tapiola Golf