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Kattila Recreational Area

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The area closer to Lake Kaitlampi is private, and wherein you can enter in case, you booked a private rental sauna or Lapp hut. The private services in the area offer company Green Window Nuuksio. Besides that, you can enjoy public benefits such as a cooking shelter, camping site, water point, recycling center, toilet, or information board.

The connecting trail Takalan Polku connects you to the midpoint of the 10,7 km long trail in the Salmi Recreational area if you head north and to the Haukkalampi Recreational Area trails if you head south from the Kattila site. You can also find a couple of cycling paths around the Kattila Recreational area.

On the opposite side of Lake Kaitlampi, which is accessible from the Kurjolampi-Valklammentie area or road 1215, you would arrive at Hawkhill Cottage Resort as well as the nearby log cabin Oravankolo (provided by Natura Viva)

You can reach the area in summer by public bus 245A from Espoo Keskus (Espoo Center). Besides that, you will find there also two parking areas for 25 and 10 cars.

Check the map of the area here


  • Private Rental Sauna
  • Cooking shelter
  • Camping site
  • Drinking water point
  • Recycling center
  • Toilet
  • Information board

Hero Image: Mika Viitanen