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Couple running in the forest

Pirttimäki Recreational Area

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Pirttimäki is an excellent place for hiking during the summer season and cross-country skiing during the winter. You can find about 20 km of marked trails there, also suitable for mountain biking. Besides that, you can prolong your hike to surrounding recreational areas - Haltia and Luukki.

Pirttimäki area is located between two lakes - Lake Bodom and Lake Pitkäjärvi. The beautiful landscape was shaped by the last Ice Age, and the place is very diverse and impressive, with steep cliffs, erratic boulders, scenic lakes, ponds, lush bogs, and mires. The unique sight in the area is a 1,8-hectare walnut grove. 

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can head to Pikku-Sorlampi Pond, Malmilampi Pond, Sulalampi Pond, or part of Lajampi Pond and Hynkänlampi Pond. 

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Couple cross-country skiing in Pirttimäki area
Photo: Joni Viitanen



  • Several cooking shelters and designated fireplaces - Note: Outdoor cooking is allowed only in designated places!
  • Toilets located in Sorlampi, Hynkänlampi, and Sulalampi
  • Information boards
  • Playground
  • Fields for badminton, volleyball, and football
  • Pirttimäki Café Ukén

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Hero Image: Joni Viitanen