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Kivenlahti Metro Station

Espoo's Sights by Metro

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To the forest, seaside, or museums by metro? 

Yes, in Espoo, you can! Whether traveling from downtown Helsinki or even further, you can explore nearby nature and sights around Espoo's archipelago in just about 30 minutes! 

Find out what to do and experience at each of Espoo metro stations

View from Keilaniemi, Keilalahti in Espoo.

Station: Keilaniemi

Admire views over Espoo's and Helsinki's seaside from the rooftop restaurant Lucy in the Sky

Spend a day practicing watersport activities at Watersport Center Laguuni or join their annual Baltic Sea Plogging challenge

Have a relaxing lunch or breakfast at Restaurant Well 7

Spend a night or organize a meeting at Heymo 1 – a hotel that encourages you to spend time in the city

Sky view over Otaniemi area during autumn
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Station: Aalto University (Aalto Yliopisto)

Explore local innovative breweries and tours at Olari Brewery and Fat Lizard Brewery

Treat yourself to the famous FAT menu or Fat Brunch at Restaurant Fat Lizard

Move your body along the Laajalahti trail or extend your hike to Nature House Villa Elfvik

Jump on scheduled archipelago boats to Espoo Island from Otaniemi harbor

Recharge your batteries in the seafront located Radisson Blu hotel and taste their domestic honey at the breakfast table

Join Alvar Aalto's architecture-guided tour by Aalto University or Metroretket   

Dron view over architecture in Tapiola area and Espoo's Cultural Centre
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Station: Tapiola

Explore local shopping options, great restaurant palette, and make conscious choices at Shopping Mall Ainoa

Dive into the world of Mauri Kunnas fairytales at WeeGee Exhibition Center or enjoy the touch of modern art at EMMA -Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Spend a day with children in Leikki – Museum of Play or explore the history of jewelry at the Museum of Horology and Jewelry Kruunu

Join Espoo City Theater performances in both Finnish and English language

Discover the history and architecture of the famous Tapiola Garden and Tapiola Cultural Centre

Stay a night, come for dinner, or just admire the architectural history of the iconic Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden

Espoo Metro Areenan areenataso jossa pitkiä illallispöytiä katettuna ja tunnelmavalaistus.
Photo: Espoo Metro Areena

Station: Urheilupuisto

Support your favorite team during annual international sports events at Metro Areena, or join some of their fairs and concerts


Explore what to do around metro areena here

Man in bar
Photo: Antti Rastivo

Station: Niittykumpu

Explore the world of metal music band Children of Bodom at their famous Bodom Bar & Sauna

Metro Station Matinkylä
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Station: Matinkylä

Explore Finnish design brands and make conscious choices at the Iso Omena Shopping Mall

Enjoy a long breakfast date or brunch party at Restaurant Freja – also check out their new rooftop bar!

Taste local's favorite seaside Café – Nokkalan Majakka

Enjoy the seaside sauna in the iconic container by Löylykontti

Rent a fatbike, kayak or sup board at Natura Viva's rental point

Head to the nearby shore and test local beaches, playgrounds, or outdoor gyms

Woman with children having picnic by lake
Photo: Marjaana Tasala

Station: Finnoo

Metro Station Kaitaa
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Station: Kaitaa

Explore the nature trail by the Hannusmetsä forest

Discover Kaitaa's part of the 40 km long Waterfront Walkway

Metro Station Espoonlahti
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Station: Espoonlahti

Treat yourself at Shopping Mall Lippulaiva

Take children to explore the beautiful local library - Lippulaiva Kirjasto

Metro Station Kivenlahti
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Station: Kivenlahti

Hero Image: Omar El Mrabt