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Woman admiring nature during golden hour

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Top Viewpoints to Embrace Autumn Foliage


Autumn Foliage, or so-called 'Ruska' in Finnish, is when leaves start turning into shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown to finally leave the tree and remind us about seizing the moment. Autumn foliage can be seen in Espoo typically from the third week of September and, depending on weather conditions (primarily the wind), may last from 10 days up to 3 weeks. By the end of October, the majority of colorful leaves can be already gone. 

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So where to head when the 'Ruska'/Autumn Foliage time is at its best?

Woman holding leaves during autumn foliage
Photo: Marjaana Tasala

Maahisenkierros viewpoint in Nuuksio National Park

A lovely 2km long trail that takes you over the perfect viewpoint overlooking the National Park and Lake Pitkäjärvi – a long, slim lake right by the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

Note: This trail is accessible for wheelchair visitors or families with prams. 

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Drone-kuva Nuuksion metsäiseltä järveltä vehreiden puiden ympäröimänä
Location: Nuuksio National Park - Lake Pitkäjärvi
Photo: Natura Viva

Vaarajärvi lake and viewpoints in Nuuksio National Park

The second spot worth visiting for admiring autumn foliage is Lake Vaarajärvi, located in the Kattila Recreational Area. Here, you get a sense of what the saying ‘Land of thousands of lakes’ really means while walking some of the trails by the lake or even taking a rowing boat to admire the Finnish nature beauty from the lake itself. 

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A woman in a red jacket sits on a pier on a forest lake in Nuuksio National Park.
Photo: DSP Media

Mössenkärr pond and viewpoint in Espoo Central Park

It may come as a surprise, but did you know that you can find a huge Central Park in Espoo? This 880-hectare huge park in the middle of the city is a favorite destination among locals – even more during wonderful autumn days! One of the spots we would recommend for a perfect autumn foliage photo is Mössekärrin levähdyspaikka viewpoint by the small pond called Mössenkärr. 

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Lake with birds and autumn foliage on trees behind the lake
Location: Mössenkärr Pond
Photo: Riikka Laatikainen

Soukan Kasavuori viewpoint by the Baltic Sea coast

It is a hidden gem viewpoint that will present you with the beauty of the Finnish archipelago and the autumn magic. The viewpoint is not always the easiest to find, but it shouldn’t discourage you from chasing it! You can reach the Soukka area well by taking a metro ride to Soukka station, and from there, follow the location instructions to the Soukan Kasavuori viewpoint.

Note: Some fitness skills may be required for the hike towards the Soukan Kasavuori viewpoint – which will be rewarded by a magical seaside view!

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Person sitting at viewpoint over Baltic sea
Location: Soukan Kasavuori viewpoint
Photo; Marjaana Tasala

Glims River and Espoo Cathedral in Espoo Center

Inn Espoo, you can find nature behind each corner. Even in the Espoo Center, you will find several nature spots that should have a place on your Autumn Foliage chasing list. In this area, we recommend you stop by the beautiful Espoo Cathedral, Farmstead Museum Glims, or follow one of the nature trails along the Glims River.

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Dron view over Espoo Cathedral and autumn foliage
Location: Espoo Cathedral in Espoo Center
Photo: Mika Viitanen

Hero Image: Marjaana Tasala