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Hawkhill log cabin in forest

Discover Finnish Cottage Life

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Have you ever wondered how Finns - the world’s happiest people - spend their holidays? The answer is pointing to the Finnish cottages! Espoo offers accommodation from modern cabins with a touch of luxury to wilderness huts in the middle of the forest and much more. In this article, we will get to know 4 cottage-like accommodations that will take you to a perfect Finnish getaway!

Group Sup boarding on lake in forest during sunset
Photo: Natura Viva

Hawkhill Cottage Resort

Let's start at the cottage paradise – Hawkhill Cottage Resort. These family-owned cottages and log houses has welcomed all visitors looking for peace, nature, and a touch of luxury since 1963. Besides the beautiful nature settings and facilities, you can dive there into very Finnish Cottage life experiences such as having a sauna, dipping into the lake, taking a guided hike, learning about local herbs, or even cooking by the open fire with a wilderness guide!

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Nuuksion Taika – Villa Paratiisi

Even Finns know that happiness is better when shared. Therefore, spending a week or weekend with an extended family at a cottage is one of their most common holidays. At Nuuksion Taika's Villa Paratiisi, you can do just that. The Villa and its surrounding sleeping cabins accommodate comfortably up to 14 people, and there is plenty of room for outdoor cooking, serving food, or enjoying a swim in the lake. Besides that, the whole family can dive into a cultural experience inspired by Kalevala's national epic or the brown bear's magic.

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Natura Viva's Wilderness Cabins

Visitors in Finland may sometimes wonder what Finns means when talking about going to nature when the cities offer an incredible amount of natural space. If you also wonder about this, here is your answer! Natura Viva's wilderness cabins, Tikankolo and Oravankolo, offer a pure nature getaway! Both cabins are accessible via hiking and cycling trails and provide the authentic forest lodge experience without running water or electricity. 

Tip from us: Explore the cabin's nearby trails and outdoor cooking spots at Kurjolampi-Valklammentie Recreational Area!

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Karhunpesä - Bear’s Nest Log Cabin

Finnish Lapland is often known for cozy cottage holidays and reindeer, but what if we tell you that you can also find a touch of this northern magic in Espoo? Karhunpesä – a log cottage is located in the backyard of Nuuksio Reindeer Park and offers plenty of unique activities to book – wood-heated sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, dinner at Lappish Teepee, or activities with reindeers. 

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Palsta Kirkkonummi - Log Cabins and Cottages

Palsta's log cabins are a seaside hidden gem for groups and families. You can book the guest house with a fully equipped kitchen and accommodation. Add additional outdoor cabins for all members of your travel group, and enjoy typical Finnish cottage holiday activities such as barbecue, minigolf, rowing boats, or hot tub.

Note: Palsta Kirkonummi is located in the neighborhood municipality of Kirkkonummi.

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Hero Image: Hawkhill Cottage Resort