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VISIBILITY ON VISITESPOO.FI WEBSITE is the official tourism and conference website of Espoo, catering to both domestic and international visitors, local residents, as well as meeting and event organizers. utilizes Visit Finland's DataHub product database to showcase the service offerings of businesses in the area. All service and product information is therefore imported from DataHub to the website via an interface.

Benefits for businesses

  • Product information is under the control of the company and can be updated in real-time from one place.
  • You receive free visibility on various marketing and sales platforms, including,, and Visit Finland's B2B platform.

Requirements for businesses

  • The company must be a tourism operator offering services to travelers and/or meeting and congress organizers.
  • The company's services must be suitable for the content and target audience of the website. Visit Espoo reserves the right to decide whether a company is suitable for inclusion on the website.
  • The company must have websites in both Finnish and English. A Facebook page or similar is not sufficient, but an English version can be a condensed version of the Finnish site, such as a landing page only.
  • Products must be added to DataHub in at least Finnish and English. Adding an English version of the product requires the company to have information about the product in English on their website. Merely mentioning the product name on the website without a product description is not sufficient. Note that other language versions are also recommended, as other publishing platforms, such as, may highlight products on their sites.
  • The products/services added by the company must take place in Espoo, Vihti, Kirkkonummi, or Kauniainen, but the company itself can be registered elsewhere.

Where to start?

1. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines:

DataHub käyttöönotto-ohjeistus yrityksille -verkkosivuston kriteerit ja ohjeet toimijoille
Visit Finlandin yleiset sisältöohjeet tuotteiden tekemiseen

2. Visit DataHub and register

3. Participate in the DataHub clinics organized by Visit Finland

4. Enter your company's products/services into DataHub

or directly from Johku or Bókun. The minimum language requirements for product cards are Finnish and English.

5. Remember to update regularly

e.g., adjust photos according to the season.

Watch the Visit Finland DataHub animation (in Finnish).

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