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Keilaniemi office hub draped in pink sunset

Things to do around Keilaniemi area

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Well-known hub of high tech, innovations, and business – welcome to Espoo's Keilaniemi area, located just a 10-minute metro ride from Helsinki Central Railway Station or a 25-minute car ride from Helsinki Airport. Here, you can find some of the most known Finnish companies and promising start-ups, as well as great recreational areas and outdoor activities!

dron view over Baltic sea and Keilaniemi harbour for smaller boats and high office buildings on the coast
Photo: Antti Kangassalo

First of all, How to get there?

The easiest way to reach the Keilaniemi area when arriving from capital Helsinki is by metro (underground) to Keilaniemi station. When arriving from the airport, you can connect the local train with the metro or jump on the light-rail connection to the Keilaniemi area. The best way to figure out your journey is to download the Helsinki Transportation HSL app. The app will show your journey from your current location to your final destination and recommend the best means of transportation, whether it is local train, metro (underground), bus, or bike.

Metro Station: Keilaniemi

Light Rail

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Where to eat?

Lucy in the Sky = is a rooftop restaurant & bar serving Scandinavian food with spectacular views.

Restaurant PLATS = (Hotel Hanaholmen) is a place where you can enjoy spectacular Nordic cuisine while adoring the coastal archipelago. A place where Nordic art and design meet world-class gastronomy.

Restaurant Well 7 (breakfast & lunch )= a vibrant restaurant that stays in touch with time and serves homemade, nutritious, tasty, and well-being food.

Restaurant Sri = serves delicious lunches and dinners with the finest authentic taste of India and Nepal.

Restaurant Blägä (Watersport Center Laguuni) = is a floating restaurant open during the summer season is offers light, warm meals.

Person wakeboarding during golden hour. There are higher office buildings in the background.
Photo: Antti Rastivo

What to do and experience?

Do you have a couple of hours to spare before or after your event/conference starts or finishes? Great! Come with us to explore the neighborhood! Here are our TOP 6 tips to not miss when visiting the Keilaniemi Area!

1) Watersport Center Laguuni 

It is a sea-based watersport paradise during summer and a favorite sauna and winter swimming place in winter. Here, you can start your kayaking and SUP boarding trips as well as enjoy wakeboarding, flyboarding, and waterpark in the area. 

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Note: From May to August, you can combine your visit with joining the Baltic Sea Plogging Challenge, which aims to keep the Baltic Sea clean. Each participant can book 2 hours of free-of-charge plogging kayaking and collect the trash along the kayaking trip. The overall amount of accumulated trash will be announced by the end of August. 

Join the Baltic Sea Plogging challenge


2) Have a walk along Espoo's Waterfront Walkway and Keilaniemi harbor

In the Keilaniemi area, you can quickly go on a walk or bike ride along the 40-km-long Espoo Waterfront Walkway. The route follows the seaside area of Espoo and is a popular outdoor activity for locals. Here, you can truly leave the everyday stress behind and enjoy the beauty of Finnish nature as well as some light activity – walking, jogging, or cycling (there are several CityBike stations nearby).

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3) Taste Finnish sweet pastries or a cup of coffee in the famous Fazer Café

A perfect place for lovers of both classic delicacies and modern coffee pleasures. In Fazer Café, you can taste pastries from the most known Finnish sweets & bakery brand, Fazer, and dive into Finnish coffee culture. 

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4) Explore the Karhusaari recreational area and Karhusaari beach 

A recreational area and charming summer spot, the Karhusaari recreational area is great for a summer picnic and reconnecting with local nature. The Karhusaari beach offers a broad view of the Baltic Sea, and there is plenty of outdoor gym equipment, changing boots, and a toilet. Besides that, you can admire several cultural-historical buildings, including Sinebrychoff villa – a Renaissance-style villa designed by architect Karl August Wrede and built by Nicolas Sinebrychoff in 1892.

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5) Have Padel match on a floating sea-based court

If you feel like having a good match with your friendly family or colleagues, you should head to the floating Padel court in Keilaniemi's harbor. Playing the padel has become a popular sport activity among Finns in recent years, but playing on a floating sea-based court in beautiful Espoo's archipelago is an experience on its own.

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6) Enjoy Golden Hour views from Restaurant Lucy in the Sky

Visiting the rooftop Restaurant Lucy in the Sky is phenomenal during any open hour. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Espoo seaside, the Baltic Sea, and some nearby islands while enjoying Scandinavian cuisine. However, watching a sunset (or sunrise during short winter days) with a delicious meal, tasty drink, and great company is beyond perfect.

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