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Kivenlahti Metro Station

How to get around?

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Group with bike enjoying view from wooden bridge in National Park Nuuksio
Photo: Natura Viva

Biking & Cycling trails

Espoo has almost 600 km of cycling trails, which pass many exciting sites and services. For commuting around Espoo on bikes, you can use either City Bikes that are available between April – October via HSL app or use services of local bike rental places.

Find out more about Espoo's cycling routes and equipment rentals over here.

Photo of metro station
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Metro / Underground - from the capital Helsinki

Adjoining the capital of Helsinki, Espoo has a great underground infrastructure connecting with the neighborhood city of Helsinki and within the Espoo region. Underground stations located in the Espoo region are: (in zone B) Keilaniemi, Aalto-University, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto, Niittykumpu, Matinkylä, (in zone C) Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti, Kivenlahti. 


Map of Espoo

Light Rail - Raide Jokeri

The new light rail Raide Jokeri will make traveling from the Helsinki side (stop: Huopalahti) to Espoo and its centers in Leppävaara, Otaniemi, and Keilaniemi even smoother. 


Espoo's Bus Network

The most common bus routes in Espoo are as follows: 
Bus nr. 245 between Espoon Keskus and Nuuksio National Park. 

Bus nr. 531 between Kalatorppa and Jorvi, Matinkylä area. Easy to get from southern Espoo to the northern Espoo area. Stops at Espoon Keskus, so easy to hop on bus 245 to Nuuksio National Park. Also goes near the Espoo Waterfront Walkway.

Bus nr. 531 between Kalatorppa and Jorvi, stops also at Espoo Center (Espoo Keskus).

Bus nr. 113 between Leppävaara and Tapiola districts. Great when visiting the Exhibition Center Weegee or Espoo’s Museum of Modern Art located nearby Weegee-Talo station. 

Bus nr. 236 between Leppävaara and Luukki Recreational Area. Brings you to Hotel Korpilampi, Water Park & Ski Resort Serena, and Luukki Recreational Area

Bus nr. 200 between Espoon Keskus and Elielin Aukio (Helsinki Central Railway Station). A great option to reach Espoo from Helsinki city center. In Espoo Keskus you can change to bus nr. 245 to Nuuksio National Park

Bus nr. 532 between Matinkylä and Espoo Central (Espoo Keskus) districts gets you near the Espoo Central Park (Espoon keskuspuisto) and the Matinkylä area, where you can reach nearby located Matinkylä beach and seaside services. 

Bus nr. 530 between Matinkylä and Leppävaara districts connects you between two centers.

Bus nr. 111 between Westend and Haukilahti areas is following part of the Espoo Waterfront Walkway.

Bus nr. 114 between Matinkylä and Leppävaara districts goes to the Haukilahti area, where you can enjoy Espoo's Waterfront Walkway

Bus nr. 105 between Haukilahti and Lauttasaari areas gets you to Hanaholmen - an island full of art. 

Note: When traveling in a group, bus transportation can be ordered from the following companies: Åbergin Linja.  

Boat - summer season 

Scheduled boats to Espoo's archipelago (islands: Pentala, Iso Vasikkasaari, Stora Herrö, Gåsgrund, and Rövaren) leave from harbors in Otaniemi, Haukilahti, Nokkala, Suomenoja, Suinonsalmi, and Soukka. More details schedules and operators can be found here

In Espoo, you can also explore the seaside partly by boat and partly by bike. Boat rides for cyclists can be found here

Cruises to Espoo waters are offered by Royal Line and Sea Adventures.

If you own a boat or borrowed one in Espoo waters, you can visit the following marinas: Gåsgrund, Haukilahti, Iso-Vasikkasaari, Keilaranta Marina, Nuottaniemi, Otsolahti, and Seapoint Skata Marina. 

Boats rental services are provided by: Skipperi or Bout

Boat in the middle of seas
Photo: Antti Kangassalo
Map of Espoo


Another way to move around comfortably is to use local taxi transportation. In Espoo, you can find, for example,  LähitaksiHelsinki Limo or Kovanen taxi

Person sitting in electric car and person giving him instructions

Renting a car

If you would like to explore Espoo at your own pace and rent a car for your stay, you can use car rental services from the following companies: Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Enterprise, and Scandia Rent.

Hero Image: Omar El Mrabt