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Top 10 Activities To Do This Spring in Espoo


The so-awaited Finnish spring, or something that Finns call 'takatalvi' – the phenomenon of returning to winter during March and May, can have many forms, from relatively warm days to snowy storms. We collected the TOP 10 activities to do this spring in Espoo so you can get the most out of this unpredictable but beautiful season!

1) Treat yourself to a brunch or breakfast in a local Café or Restaurant

Can you imagine a vacation without a delicious breakfast? We neither! And what if we told you that besides the deliciousness, you can enjoy fresh ingredients and locally sourced products in stylish brunch and breakfast places? 

2) Wake up from the long winter with April Jazz

The annual April Jazz Festival wakes visitors and locals from the winter sleep for the 38th time! During the festival, you can listen to bright stars of jazz music from around the world and enjoy the top selection of fresh Finnish Jazz. So remember to save the day: 24.-27.4. and come to Jazz with us.

3) Explore Espoo's Waterfront Walkway 

The popular 40km long Espoo Waterfront Walkway is the place to be all year round. However, when you come here during the spring, you can really feel the change in the season. You can take a shorter or longer walk, have a run, explore some of the beaches, or find the perfect Café or Restaurant with a seaside view. The choice is yours!

4) Rent a fatbike or jump on a city bike 

The beginning of April marks the start of the city bike season, which continues from spring to late autumn. With plenty of different trails and backpacking routes, you can rent the bike that fits your needs the most – from Fatbikes, Road bikes, Gravel bikes, BMX, or even downhill ones!

5) Meet and greet animal friends 

You don't need to leave the city to meet and greet animal friends or visit some of the local farms. In Espoo and the neighborhood municipality of Kirkkonummi, you will find plenty of locations to meet and greet, from farm animals over fascinating birds to Santa's reindeer.

6) Fall in love with Espoo's cultural offerings

Did you know that the cultural offerings are among the best in Espoo? You can choose from modern art, world-known Alvar Aalto architecture, cultural guided tours, music concerts, theater performances, and larger annual events. Whether you travel alone, as a couple, or with smaller children, Espoo's cultural offerings have something for everyone.

7) Explore at least one outdoor area or nature trail 

When the time to put away snowshoes comes, you can switch to hiking boots and head to explore one of the outdoor areas located neither in Nuuksio National Park, right in the heart of the city, or along Espoo's seaside. Whether you are looking for an all-day-long hike or just a longer walk, you will find plenty of areas to choose from!

8) Say goodbye to the winter season on cross-country skiing trails 

You may already know that Espoo is a cross-country skiing paradise with hundreds of kilometers of skiing trails. And yes, this XC skiing excitement continues throughout the spring, often till the beginning of May. Thanks to the snow mixture (natural and artificial) and hard work from local technicians, you can enjoy the Goodbye Winter XC skiing session on perfectly serviced trails. The trail conditions are updated daily and can be checked on the Outdoor Exercise Map.

9) Regenerate in Espoo's SPA hotels or local saunas 

Taking care of yourself is an essential part of Finnish happiness. Especially after a long Finnish winter and spring season that may sometimes feel more like winter may never end, it is the perfect time to pamper yourself. In Espoo, you can book the ultimate staycation and wellness in Spa hotels or sweat the spring blues away in local saunas.

10) Get to know Finnish Easter traditions and join Easter Events

Have you ever wondered what Finns do during the Easter holiday or heard of Trulli witches and the famous "Mämmi" - the traditional easter pudding? Whether you plan to visit Espoo during this spring festivities or just want to know more, we will share more about Finnish traditions, give tips on celebrating Easter in Espoo as a tourist, and share the best Easter events with you! 

Hero Image: Marjaana Tasala