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Dron view over Otaniemi area

Espoo Top 50 Attractions

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Espoo's top 50 attractions revealed by our followers  

We asked – you answered. Earlier in spring 2022, we asked the followers of Visit Espoo channels for help to figure out Espoo’s best attractions; the result was an unbeatable list! We put together a TOP50 list based on the suggestions of the followers of Visit Espoo social media channels, in other words, the best Espoo experts and visitors to Espoo. The list provides options for day trip destinations or even after-work activities. The suggestions included both firm favourites as well as wonderful less-well-known gems. 

Espoo's top50 attractions   

You were amazing! We received many, many suggestions, and because we did not want to leave out any of them, we combined them a little to include them all on the list. Check the weather forecast and choose the best combination of attractions and head out on an expedition! 

Espoo is full of wonderful destinations, and naturally, this list does not include them all. You can keep suggesting your favourite places and hidden gems not found on the list – whether you wish to share with us a popular destination for the general public such as a kindly old tree stump in your local forest or a breath-taking view from a hideaway, we want to hear about it! If you wish to share your experiences on social media, tag  @visitespoo and use the hashtag  #EspooTop50, if you want to. 

Note: The list is not following alphabetical or favorability order.


Child watching birds in Laajalahti area
Photo: Joni Viitanen

1. Espoo Archipelago, recreational and camping islands (Suvisaaristo maritime district)

2. Espoo Central Park (year-round oasis for recreation and physical activity and berries-mushroom picking)

3. Espoo’s 95 Lakes such as Myllyjärvi, Lippajärvi, Kaitalampi, Sorvalampi, Pitkäjärvi and Hannusjärvi 

4. Espoo Nature trails 

5. Espoonlahti Nature Reserve and Fiskarsinmäki nature trail

6. Espoo’s sandy beaches: Matinkylä Beach, Haukilahti Beach, Kivenlahti Beach and Kivenlahti’s cliffs, Klobben/Soukka beach

7. Kasavuori viewpoints by the Hannika nature trail in Soukka district

8. Marketta Park

9. Recreational areas – Oittaa Recreational Area, Pirttimäki Recreational Area, Luukki Recreational Area

10. Rulal Landscapes in northern Espoo

11. Tapiola Silkkiniitty park

Group Sup boarding on lake in forest during sunset
Photo: Natura Viva
Part of exhibition in WeeGeee and EMMA museum
Photo: Daniela Lehtonen
Woman in the pool following wintery landscape over window
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Hero Image: Omar El Mrabt