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Aerial view of the forest lake in Nuuksio National Park. Three people are stand up paddling..

Nuuksio National Park

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Welcome to Nuuksio National Park 

One of the most popular national parks in Finland, a bucket-list destination to be visited for hundreds of years. Home to the largest flying squirrel population and southernmost reindeer park. Come to explore tens of kilometers of hiking trails, exciting activities, and recharge your happiness just a 30-minutes drive from Helsinki!

Kaksi melojaa tunnelmallisella metsäjärvellä Nuuksiossa kallioseinämän kupeessa.


When in nature, bear in mind the outdoor etiquette so that nature remains good for future generations. To show respect towards nature, favor the marked routes, follow rules concerning different modes of transport and avoid littering. Pets shall be kept on a leash. Camping and campfires are only allowed in specific areas. Washing dishes or oneself shall not be done directly in the water.

Please note to check for any forest or grass fire warnings!

Before visiting, please read the current rules. 

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